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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Why I Don't Like Apple! - And Why I Love Adobes' Flash!

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So, after several years of self-teaching on computer science, web design, graphic design on a computer and a few others I decided to start my career in graphic design for the internet.
After looking at everything that was available, Adobes' Flash looks like the obvious choice of software. As I can use it to not only animate my designs, but also allow users to interact with my adverts. Then Steve Jobs decided that he wouldn't allow Flash to run on any of Apples' mobile devices, stating that it doesn't perform well on their iPhones or iPads despite being offered a 'lite' version by Adobe which would've allowed for my work to be displayed.
I made a decision when I first started to design my own website for my business that I wanted a picture gallery that you could navigate both forwards and reverse. I went looking all over the internet for such a photo gallery and quite simply couldn't find one! But I wasn't going to give up because this is what I wanted, and it got me a little curious as to why I couldn't find one. So I thought 'I'm going to make one myself' and I succeeded!! Take a look on my homepage ( with a desktop PC ) .

For those that are unknowledgeable with computers, because of the way that they are designed, computers don't like going backwards very much, which is also the reason that I found it impossible to find a working example of such a photo gallery on the internet.
It's because of my quest for such a photo gallery and the fact that I succeeded that I now have my eyes wide open whenever I see any news or new electronic product releases.

************************************************ You see, not only does my my photo gallery work very efficiently going backwards, but with a little bit of tweaking I can make it do the same going up and down. And this method gives me great control with anything on ANY computer,allowing for some very neat efficient tricks with computer graphics. ************************************************

So, it seems to me that some companies already hold the licenses for this kind of computer graphics manipulation ( and have done for years ) and is probably another reason why it's hard if not impossible to find through an internet search.

Apples' decision to refuse to allow Flash to be displayed on their mobile devices without compromise and stating some particularly lame excuses as to why has set me back years.
Apple likes to portray products as high end by using top quality materials and giving an impression that their software is also high end without stating the truth about other software that has been available for years from other developers.

If I don't see an honest statement about why my career and other Flash developers careers were put in jeopardy by such a decision, I'll never forgive them.

'Flash Is Dead'

Thanks for reading and think again when your holding your mobile or tablet about what's really going on.

You can check out the discussionI had on the Creative Design Pros Group on LinkedIn a while back:
Creative Design Pros Group - Discussion On Flash

21st October 2012 - It seems like things are looking better since I first posted this blog entry ( Flash based Adobe Air is now running on Apples' mobile devices ). Well done..

Martin (aka piKKee - pronounced 'picky' e.g./i.e Here comes the attack - '..leave this to me, I'll pick off all the leaders...')
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