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Saturday, 19 May 2012

Another Problem With SVG & Web Design!

Drawing text with HTML5 is ok, but put it inside an SVG canvas and you can't apply your css rules to it. I thought I'd carry on and adjust the link properties of the 'HTML' button but it turns out I'll need to keep the text outside of the main radio panel and position it within its' own layer if I want to adjust not only the basic colour of the link text, but also any other css rules. Take the example below: HTML5
Place this anywhere on your page and you can set your link preferences as you normally would, with css. However, place it inside an SVG canvas and it Just defaults to black. This only seems to affect the colour though, the link still underlines when set. This is one example where IE works better than chrome. With IE the link behaves normally when you hover over it with your mouse, but try it with chrome and you only get the underline and no little hand.

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